Monday, May 24, 2010

Fairfax County DPZ admits Discrimination

Residential Studio Units
aka  Single Room Occupancy

RSU's for Single Houseless deemed
discriminatory. But by-right use of
existing properties  too expensive?

After 5 years of creative effort,
the result of our best thinking is
declared an example of Discrimination against families.

Appears that Exclusionary Zoning is a form
of Discrimination . Thats actually a good thing.
Who wants specialized Housing designations?
When we really want  just a Room Somewhere.

Housing Unit designation runs contrary to
economics of new construction under these
mandated constraints.Discriminating against
Small Families Singles and Seniors as well.
20% of the population of Fairfax county
is discriminated against by Housing economics.

Maximum number of MasterBedrooms
per unit might be a way to define the need.
BY-RIGHT rethinking of what a Unit of 
housing really is would be nice. Bedroom
w/bath calculations might help increase single
adults per Residential structure..

Someplace safe and secure. Not a McMansion, the
likes of which has been the result of engineered zoning
pushes. Guidelines that enforce the Big is Better mantra.
A 8 or 10 MBR McMansion could be a disciplined
use of potential.

But what is a small investor to do?

 1.How about a 50% bonus for 50%.
    eFFORDABLE Housing product. Not 20%.
 2. By-Right RSU add on to existing Housing.
 3. 25% Occupancy increase by-right for Effordable conversion.
 4. effordable Mortgage Funding  pool in the amount of $65 million
    to take advantage of existing properties. Repayment by refinancing
    once occupied and 2 Penny Fund. Consolidate properties that are
    free and clear for inventory averaging.


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